The Weather Of Makkah In January

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January is a cold month in the regions of the northern hemisphere. The temperature varies from region to region. The particular features of land lasting for a long period and atmosphere determine the climate of a certain region. This should be understood by the example of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the weather is hot because of the desert ecosystem. The summer season is scorching while the winter can be moderately hot to warm or mild. This is the sort of pattern that is seen in these seasons while the midseason is also hot. Here we have discussed the weather of a specific region of Saudi Arabia, that is, the holy city of Makkah.

January Seems To Be More Pleasant In Makkah

January can be compared with the other months of winter season which is the short season in Saudi Arabia. In this comparison, January is the most pleasurable month of the short winter season. As for the summer season, all the months of the short spell of winter are suitable for the people coming from other regions of the world. The reason is that for everyone the weather with indifferent temperature is preferable when it comes to traveling. If we compare all the twelve months of the year keeping only the city of Makkah in consideration, the weather of January is the best and pleasant for the visitors.

There Are Certain Things To Consider Before You Go

The things regarding the weather that are important to consider are precipitation, cloud cover, rainfall, snowfall, winds, and humidity. Cloud cover in January may seem to be 19% throughout the month and it remains constant. Clouds are less likely to be seen in the late days of January and the days are clearer at that time of the month. Precipitation is 0.04 inches of liquid during this month which remains constant all along. Rainfall is calculated to be 0.1 inches on average during this month. Muggy days and nights depend on the dew drops. This is how they are measured. Humidity remains 1% to 3% on average.

You Need To Know Whether It’s Ok To Go Or Not

The first thing that you have to figure out considering all the factors is the suitability of weather for traveling. Suitability is always there if the likeliness of weather being harsh is minimal. January does not bring harsh weather like gales or sandstorms, which is why it is suitable for travelers who are planning to visit the holy land of Makkah.

Pack Your Luggage Carefully

Whether you are going to encounter a scorching summer or freezing winter, you need to carry every necessary item in your luggage. Starting from appropriate clothes to the medication that keeps you fit and away from catching any seasonal disease, these are the necessary items that you have to pack. This may seem less important initially but at the time of need, you are surely going to admit the importance of such things. So pack your luggage carefully. is one of the authorized Flight, Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Umrah Packages from UK.