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How to Select Best Travel Agent for Hajj Umrah

Opt a travel agent who offers a wide selection of packages for Hajj and Umrah 2017 or 2018. Not all of the products of travel agents are of equivalent quality and value. Choosing the accurate agent is of crucial significance. Optimistically, a representative of your travel agent will be your regular and continuous guide and trouble shooter during Hajj and Umrah. Invest time and effort in this necessary phase of your preparation. Speak to friends and acquaintances that may have recently used the services of different companies and ask them for suitable recommendations. The Quality and excellence of service and commitment to the comfortness and well-being of the pilgrims vary significantly among the travel agents. Whereas an excellent and responsible agent can "make" your Hajj and Umrah, a bad one can just as easily "break" it.

Be sure to enquire the travel agent specific and important questions and have him give you specific answers:

What will be the duration of your stay in city Makkah and Madina? What dates? Is the program elastic or will it allow no changes once it is made? Are there any additional charges to such changes? If so, what is it? How far away you will be staying from Haram Shareef, both in Makkah and in Madina? If your place of residence is not within trouble-free walking distance (10-15 minutes), what kind of transportation to and from Haram Shareef will be made available? How often during the day will it be accessible?

Will a representative of the travel agent who is completely conversant with the rites and rituals of Hajj and umrah, and Saudi rules and procedures for immigration, customs, and travel be with you at all times? Will he stay in Saudi Arabia for the period of your visit? You do not desire to be left in Saudi Arabia without sufficient guidance and assistance. The laws and procedures there can be very hard, frustrating, and also time-consuming. Will the agent be conversant with the Arabic language? If not, will an interpreter be provided in Saudi Arabia for the facility? Most Saudi authorities do not talk English, and your order of Arabic is likely to be limited.

Will you have the alternative of travelling within Saudi Arabia, (for example from Makkah to Madina), in a taxi hired by you at your own cost instead of the prepaid bus provided by your muallim? How about probable return by air from Madina to Jeddah on your way out of the country instead of the customary prepaid bus? Get a good thought of this additional expense.

You may desire to use the above options in view of the reality that the bus journeys during Hajj and Umrah season can be nerve-racking.

How to Select Best Travel Agent for Hajj Umrah