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Umrah Visa Requirements from the UK in 2018-2019

Muslims all over the world want to go to the holy places of Mecca and Madina once in his life time. He wants to look at the holy places and offer prayers there and sit in their shadows and remember his God. The tour operators across the world help the pilgrims to take them there to perform Umrah and Hajj as and when they want to go.

There are some rules or Umrah visa requirements, which are necessary to fulfill to get the Umarh visa:

Umrah visaThe British passport holder or UK citizen can apply for Umrah visa and send Umrah application from the UK.

Umrah visaThe applicant must have a British passport, which should be valid till 7 months on the date of submitting the application and valid for six months from date of departure for visa from the UK.

Umrah visaThe pilgrims can find the Umrah visa form PDF file on the site.

Umrah visaThe passengers, who want to go for Umrah or Hajj, that they reach and depart from Saudi Arabia through Jeddah or Madina airports.

Umrah visaThe passenger will have to provide vaccination and a certificate regarding Meningococcal Meningitis and Ebola with their passports. The vaccination should have been done about 10 days before departure date and not more than 3 years.

Umrah visaIf the passengers use a medicine, then they will have to produce the prescription of medication of the approved medical practitioner on the letter head of the doctor.

Umrah visaAttach 4 recent passport size photographs with application form having white background and complete front face to the camera.

Umrah visaThe passengers will be provided the traveling services by the company or tour operator and they will not use any bus, and violate the airport or airline rules/laws and regulations.

Umrah visaIf a person has a non Muslim name, then he will have to provide certificates from the Imam of local mosque or Islamic center, which can certify that the applicant is Muslim.

Umrah visaIn case of the female applicant, who has a different last name than her mehram, then she has to produce proof of the relationship with mehran like marriage certificate or birth certificate.

Umrah visaIf any woman wants to travel alone, then her age should be more than 45 years old and she has to produce a Notarized permission letter from her mehram, who states that he has no objection over her traveling alone for Umrah and permit her to perform Umrah alone.

Umrah visaChildren under age 18, will be allowed for Umrah on the passport of his elder.

Umrah visaUmrah visa is granted to perform Umrah only and it cannot be used for other purposes like work on this visa, which is against the rules of Saudi Arabia and they will exercise their rules against its violation.

Umrah visaIf you have already got business or visit visa, then you cannot apply for Umrah visa.

Umrah visaUmrah visa holders are not permitted to extend their stay to perform Hajj, which will be illegal.

Umrah visaIn case of female applicants, father, husband, brother, uncle, grandfather, or son, whose age more than 18 years, can be considered as mahram.