Plan Your Own Umrah

Things to Know Before Leaving For Umrah

If you are going on sacred trip of minor pilgrimage then there are few things that must take into consideration by every single pilgrims, in this articles we are sharing with you some of the important issues regarding minor pilgrimage and sacred voyage.

  • When you are leaving and packing your bags and it is quite important to bring extra casual wear clothes and Ihram sheets, so in any case if your dress got dirty then you will not need to wash them. You are going there for performing the rites of Umrah and other acts of worship. Your actual of being there is to spend more and more time in worship. So it is highly advisable to pack some extra clothing to get rid of any kind of issue, so that you will not face any trouble of buy that new one or wash them. When you are in Makkah, try to focus completely on the actual purpose of being there instead of resting.

  • Because of the huge influx of pilgrims in Makkah it is natural to lost or misplaces your luggage so in order to avoid this kind of mishap it is a better to mark something on your bags or label your luggage or bags with this it will become easy to find you baggage. When you are returning back to your homes with Zamzam bottles then also mark or label your zamzam water bottles so you will find them easily. Every pilgrim is allowed by Saudi government to bring zamzam water bottle of 5 litres, so it is our advice to pilgrims to label their zamzam bottles, so after reaching at airport you will find them easily, this has been seen that water bottle at the end misplaces or exchanges with someone else mistakenly.

  • Umrah Pilgrims
  • Before leaving for minor pilgrimage it is suggested to convert your currency in to Saudi riyals. While sacred journey if you get in need of money so will have Saudi currency. This will help a pilgrim in facing and tackling the trouble or any kind of issue. Converting your currency in to Saudi riyals before travelling is a wise decision. Sometime it happens that a pilgrims needs to pay dum for missing any kind of ritual, obligation, or any violation and this will need Saudi currency.

  • When you are on sacred journey, it is advised to eat hygienic and healthy food which is easily digestible. Try to avoid eating heavy and junk food because heavy meals will make you lazy and push you to sleep more. You will feel heavy and will not be able to perform acts of worship. When you are there focus in fulfilling your religious duties and responsibilities in active and accurate manner.

  • When you are packing your bags, avoid packing metallic items because of threats and security purpose Saudi government check. You will see great security checking in both blessed cities Makkah and Madina and all luggage and baggage are properly checked. So do not pack any metal item especially Knife or nail cutter etc. For the security reasons, during checking they may take metal items from you.

  • As we all know that in Saudi Arabia the most commonly language which is spoken is Arabic and people there and security do not have command on speaking and understanding English language. You will even find sign board and instruction boards in Arabic language so it will become difficult to understand those instruction and rules and regulations on those sign boards. So it is suggested for those who are travelling to Makkah must learn basic and most frequent words.

  • As we all know that Saudi Arabia is deserted and hot country and while performing rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage it is a fact that you will be thirsty and because of lack of liquid in your body there is a great chance of being fainted so it is very important and highly suggested to drink much water. Pilgrims are blessed Muslims and they can easily drink Zamzam water all the time so try to drink Zamzam water because it contains great nutrition that not any other water has. Keep yourself hydrated throughout your sacred journey will help you in fulfilling all your religious duties in a better way.

  • When you are there make sure that must not use anyone’s belongings without their permission. It is quite commonly seen there that people uses and each others things and belongings without asking to them, this is not considered as good act. This also implies on the situation where pilgrims wears anyone’s shoe or slippers.

  • Try to control using bad language and your anger, people in anger use abusive language that is not allowed there, also do not indulge in vain or lewd conversation because these thing can only harm you by spoiling your whole umrah efforts and also there is a chance that it can void your minor pilgrimage too. If you are a person with a low temperament and because of he huge crowd you get in anger then think about that where are you standing and then control you anger, respect the sacred sites. Avoid fighting or beating anyone because these kinds of negative acts can void your minor pilgrimage. Try to indulge in rewarding acts and virtuous deeds that bring blessings and make yourself busy in doing more and more acts of worship and ask forgiveness, try to make your sacred journey purposeful.