Plan Your Own Umrah

How to Manage Umrah Trip with Children

Umrah Guide

Umrah is such a religious activity which can be performed throughout the year on almost all the days of the year. Therefore, it will be excellent for all those who are medically fit and have enough financial resources, to perform an Umrah as many times as possible. All such people should try to refrain from lame excuses regarding delaying or postponing the Umrah trip. This life is not endless and whether it is an Umrah or any other good deed, you should try to do that particular good deed as early as possible because you can never give any surety regarding how long you will live. Before the end of your life, try to do as many good deeds as possible so that you can prepare yourself for the life hereafter.

Performing an Umrah With Children

If you have small children, don't make it an excuse for not going to perform an Umrah or delaying the Umrah trip. It is possible to perform Umrah along with tiny children and a lot of people from all over the world perform this holy activity with their small children accompanying them. It is not a big issue at all to perform an Umrah with children and you can quickly perform this holy task in the company of your children.

Educate Your Children

Children may not be aware of what an Umrah is and how to behave inside the Haram. Therefore, it will be a lot better to educate your children as much as possible regarding the good manners and etiquette regarding how to behave during an Umrah or inside the Mosque. If your child is an infant or too young, then obviously it will not be possible for you to educate your child but for relatively elder children, you can teach your children a lot.

Make your Children Perform an Umrah

You can even properly train them to perform an Umrah with you. In this way, your children will not only be accompanying you during your Umrah trip but also, they will be performing an Umrah and earning a lot of good deeds not only for themselves but also for yourself because of all your efforts and hard work which you have done in order to teach them how to perform an Umrah and all the contribution you have made in this regard.

Keep Your Children Closer To You

It is a fact that Haram is a densely crowded place and to perform an Umrah with your children, you need to keep your children as close to you as possible. Due to the massive crowd, if your child gets lost in public, it may take a lot of effort to find and get your child back and most importantly, it can a lot of panic and worries for you. Therefore, to stay safe from such issue, make sure to keep your children as close to you as possible. One way to achieve this is to lift your children on your shoulders or you can carry your children on the wheelchair. It is important to mention here that you can easily rent a wheelchair close to the gate of the Haram.