Terms & Conditions For Umrah:

Following are the terms and conditions apply to all the Umrah packages we are offering. Therefore, before booking an Umrah package, make sure to read the below terms and conditions to avoid any confusion later on.

The Offered Facilities

We offer several Umrah packages and all of these packages have the different set of facilities that are being offered. Therefore, make sure to go through all the facilities that are being offered in the particular Umrah package you are intended to buy. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to contact us and clarify any confusion before reserving the Umrah package.

Documents That Are Required To Be Submitted

While booking an Umrah package, you need to provide the original passports of all the applicants along with their photocopies in order to initiate your visa processing. Based upon the situation, you may be required to provide a few additional documents in order to do proceed further with the visa stamping process.

Expected Time Frame

Generally, it takes 15 to 21 days to get the Umrah visa stamped and make all the necessary arrangements like airline flight ticket reservation and hotel accommodation. But the time may increase depending upon the number of applications submitted. Especially, in the month of Ramadan, there are a lot of applications received and it may take 30 to 45 days to make all the necessary arrangements for your Umrah trip. You are strongly requested to plan your schedule keeping the mentioned time frame in mind to avoid any conflict and misunderstanding after booking the Umrah package.

Hotel Accommodation And Stay

Throughout your trip, the hotel accommodation and stay will be provided from our side and the clients are not allowed to stay somewhere else without the permission of our agent. It is important to note here that a person is going with us to perform an Umrah must return on the date which is specified in the particular Umrah package. If a person wishes to stay longer, he or she has to get permission from our representative first before choosing to stay longer than the time period mentioned in the Umrah package. Keep in mind that all the hotel accommodations will be reserved as per the check in/check out time generally implemented in most of the hotels in Saudi Arabia. If you have any special request in this regard, you need to discuss it with us before reserving your Umrah package. We always try our level best to provide our clients the exact type of accommodation they have requested or looking for, but there are cases or situations when that desired accommodation is not available and the customer has to go for some other option. In such a situation, any price difference has to be beard by the client.

Cancellation Or Changing The Schedule

In case of the cancellation of hotel accommodation or any change in the schedule, the cancellation charges imposed by the hotel management has to be paid by the customer.