Must Visit Places Of Lagos – Check It Out

After the Covid-19, everyone wants to enjoy their life again. Today, the booking rate of trip to Lagos has increased rapidly. Those who love the ocean sight definitely love to visit Logos with family or friends. Indeed, nobody neglects this statement that Logos attracts tourists because of a stunning natural treasure, rich maritime history, and other historical beauty. If you desire to have a successful Lagos trip, consider 6 Must visit places of Lagos:


1. Ancient Slave Market:

The European slave trade was considered as the darkest event back in the people of Logos history, as a result, the first European slave market was maintained in the mid-15th century. Your tour is incomplete if you are unable to visit the ancient slave market. In this place, an overall view of how the slaves were treated and what happened to them after they were sold. In other words, it's like an educational museum that exhibits the historical show.

anciient slave market

2. Grotto Tour By Boat:

Schedule a seaside caves Lagos tour around Ponta da Piedade, so a tourist will be able to enjoy the inside view of natural landmarks. Keep in mind, boat tours can take more than one hour and it may include a destination point in a private beach cruising through caves. It’s advisable to visit the Elephant cave also.

Grotto tour by boat

3. Visit The Lagos Zoo

It’s like an unrealistic trip if you book your cheap flight to Lagos and are unable to visit Lagos zoo. Well, to experience wildlife, it's better to visit Lagos Zoo. This landmark was inaugurated on November 16, 2000, about 20 years old today. After the Covid-19 situation, the Lagos zoo is re-open for children and families with proper precautions. To spend extra special holidays, get a close look at exotic and native species while visiting Lagos Zoo.

Lagos Zoo

4. Wax Museum Discoveries:

In 2014, the Wax Museum was built and the people of Lagos said it was the beginning of different voyages. It’s essential to visit this place, so every tourist remembers the globally key competence of the discoveries.

Wax Museum Discoveries

5. Lagos Fish Market:

It's like a superior experience when a person is walking in the wish market to buy the fresh catchy fishes in hand. Meanwhile, if you plan your Lagos Tour and don’t visit the Lagos market, you’re unexpected to evaluate the lifestyle of the people of Lagos. Also, this market has different stalls selling products like seafood, fruits, meat, and vegetables.

Lagoes Fish market

6. Enjoy A Cliff Walking:

Logos is famous for its beautiful hued cliffs that fringe the beaches. Must be careful because many cliffs have fewer protective barriers but spending time there is one of the best moments for every tourist. If you book your cheap Lagos flight ticket, you must enjoy a cliff walking experience.

Enjoy a cliff walking

Sum Up:

A dream to book a cheap trip to Lagos thus it’s better to consider and book your trip to Lagos today. The best places in Lagos are Ponta Da Piedade, Camilo Beach, and Praia Dona Ana. Through our service, you can experience a wonderful trip.